Acoustic Panels

Winner of numerous awards, the designs of FLAP and MITESCO acoustic panels are unsurpassed in their acoustic enhancement technology as well as versatility. The uniquely shaped panels feature a variety of styles that can result in a truly customized environment.
Designed by Michele De Lucchi, MITESCO panels exude a sleek and sophisticated look while offering modular capabilities for true flexibility. They can be mounted onto walls, ceilings, or oriented as free-standing acoustic sound dividers.
Like MITESCO, FLAP features a unique nature-inspired design aesthetic that evokes elegant sculptures as envisioned by designers Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda. As part of the FLAP collection, the new FLAP WING panels feature double-sided acoustic technology that can be suspended to resemble a dramatic flying effect when installed. The dual sided panels allow for even more sound pollution absorption as compared with other acoustic solutions. Frameless in design, the acoustic panels minimize labor-intensive assembly of multiple components, making installation quicker and cleaner and easier to plan during the design phase.