Acoustic Solutions

Snowsound premier acoustic solutions are known for their high end design aesthetics and world class technology. Each acoustic panel is produced to provide ultimate clarity and acoustic enhancement using soundproofing techniques that absorb unwanted reverberation in today's gathering environments. In addition, Snowsound acoustic panels are renowned for making a remarkable visual impact that elevates the line between technology and art.

Snowsound’s suite of acoustic panels include a range of installation options and configurations for virtually any space, thus making Snowsound ideal for designers and architects.

Acoustic panels include:

Designed by Michele De Lucchi, MITESCO acoustic panels exude a sleek and sophisticated look while offering modular capabilities for true flexibility. They can be mounted onto walls, ceilings, or oriented as free-standing acoustic sound dividers.

Taking advantage of two-sided panels FLAP panels can be configured to the needs of contemporary lifestyles to create elegant wall panel or ceiling mounted collages that are aesthetic and functional.

Part of the award-winning FLAP line, the revolutionary FLAP WING panel is shaped like an object in nature that when suspended, can resemble a dramatic flying effect.

Free-standing and portable CORISTA panels provide superior sound absorption and are the most versatile in open office floor plans and home theaters.

This patented BAFFLE system creates a unique and customizable effect by seamlessly suspending from the ceiling that results in an airy and sophisticated feel.

For adaptation into existing spaces, the IN panel design is constructed to elegantly and seamlessly replace drop ceiling tiles to provide a sound absorption and a deterrent against noise pollution.

One of the cleverest acoustic designs is PLI, which incorporates a unique snap and strap system that groups together acoustic panels that can be configured in multiple ways, including creating a room divider effect.