Acoustic Sound Dividers

Snowsound acoustic sound dividers are the acoustic solution of architects and designers due to their aesthetic features and ability to enhance sound quality for the environment in which they reside. From public spaces to offices, each sound divider offers patented technology with which to achieve the greatest clarity while also providing a high end designer appeal.
Best of NeoCon 2015, Silver Award for Space Dividers/Partitions/Screens is one of the cleverest and most customizable acoustic solutions, PLI acoustic sound panels which can be grouped in multiple ways with a unique snap and strap gathering system. Optional bases allow for free-standing panels that can be expanded and "curved" around objects like walls or room dividers, making it ideal for office environments.
The patented BAFFLE system adds a unique effect by seamlessly suspending from the ceiling for an airy and sophisticated feel. BAFFLE acoustic sound panels can be adjusted to varying heights and compositions for a truly customized look.
Winner of multiple awards is the MITESCO line of acoustic sound dividers and wall panels designed by Michele De Lucchi. Whether wall mounted or free-standing, these panels are versatile and modular to create the effect of a screen divider or desk divider panel for the office and beyond. Every Snowsound panel is engineered with unique patented technology for optimum sound pollution absorption for complete acoustic clarity.