Five Creative Ways to Conquer Acoustical Challenges

Thanks to the COVID vaccines, we’re finally out and about once again. Post-pandemic freedom is exhilarating. However, the many months of isolation seem to have taken their toll on how some people interact—especially in airports and while in flight.

Brawls are not breaking out in restaurants or the hybrid workplace, but there’s no denying noise creates stress. Now more than ever, it’s important for architects and interior designers to create spaces that guarantee the highest level of acoustical comfort for occupants. The A&D community relies on Snowsound’s sophisticated technology to tackle noise for new construction and renovation clients.

Snowsound panels and fiber textiles are engineered to deliver the most comfortable acoustic experience. Snowsound's innovative patented technology gives panel designs the highest sound absorption effectiveness with an NRC rating of 1.0 and it absorbs 94% of human speech while balancing and correcting the sound in a space. This selective absorption optimizes the acoustical environment, without eliminating key sounds. A&D practitioners who tap into Snowsound’s expertise are confident they have all the functional aspects of acoustics covered and they can focus on creating spectacular spaces.

Whatever the setting, Snowsound products can be applied in a variety of ways including:

On the ceiling
Snowsound acoustical panels can be hung from the ceiling in either a horizontal or vertical orientation with cylindrical fasteners positioned alongside the top edge of the panel. Baffle, designed by Marc Sadler, comes in a range of sizes including 24” x 24” and 24” x 63”.  The panel’s polyester internal padding is made with Snowsound technology variable density.

On walls
Using Snowsound on vertical surfaces is an ideal way to incorporate an acoustic solution into the overall interior design of a space. One of many options is Bow, a system of modular sound-absorbing elements designed by King & Miranda for Snowsound. Bow is inspired by the shapes of the hulls of ships. The Bow product family consists of two elements, each of which boasts a sculptural, raised profile that creates an air gap between the panel and the wall. This gap, and the patented Snowsound acoustic technology of the panel, increases the acoustic performance significantly; it serves as a sound trap. Bow’s two shapes—Hourglass and Shield—are modular, complementary, and can be nested together like precisely machined puzzle pieces.

Movable panels
Snowsound can also be introduced into a space as convenient free-standing panels that can be moved by occupants throughout the day whenever and wherever they need extra acoustical support. The Pli panel, designed by Mark Sadler, is constructed with a polyester internal padding reinforced with Snowsound technology variable density. The exterior can be customized with a polyester covering in a wide array of Trevira CS fabric choices. Snowsound freestanding panels offer a durable, tackable and double-sided surface with a sleek profile at only 1.4” thick. Multiple panels can be easily connected by occupants with straps for further on-the-spot configurations.

Clasp Divider
Another way to introduce acoustical technology into a space is to suspend Snowsound’s unique Clasp Divider. Snowsound Fiber acoustic textiles are placed on a modular structure made of chromed metal rods suspended on cables with a height-adjustment system. The metal joints result in a structure that is freely configurable and allows for infinite compositions. The fabric drapery is even removable for easy maintenance.

Snowsound art
Snowsound’s journey into the art world began in 2017 with a collection of sound-absorbing panels acting as canvases for drawings by the acclaimed painter, art critic, theorist and historian Gillo Dorfles. These popular reproductions were followed in 2018 with works by Gio Ponti, one of the masters of Italian and international design and architecture. Other talent has joined the line-up since then, including Sezgin Aksu and Alessandro Mendini. These artful Snowsound collaborations show the fabulous results that happen when there is a dialogue between art and industry.

This is just a glimpse of the many creative ways Snowsound collections can help architects and designers conquer acoustical challenges in any setting. For more ideas, explore the many applications where Snowsound brings the highest standard in acoustical comfort.

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