NeoCon Introductions: Meet Perline + Two Other Snowsound Favorites

NeoCon 2021 attendees experienced Snowsound acoustical solutions in action at a variety of locations around The Mart. At Snowsound’s new permanent showroom on the 11th floor they were among the first to see Perline, Snowsound’s new acoustic panel system making its market debut at NeoCon.

Designed by Dominoni Quaquaro, Perline provides a fresh way to incorporate award-winning sound quality plus tremendous style into any space. Perline is a scalable modular system based on units that add formality and softness to interiors while significantly enhancing both acoustical comfort and aesthetics.

Perline's sound-absorbing system is composed of panels in shapes and colors reminiscent of precious gems. Each Perline unit is inspired by the idea of a thread of differently shaped and colored precious gems strung together to form a necklace or pendant earrings. Watch a video here.

Perline is available in a new, softer color palette with teal, gray and pink that all reflect the recent market demand for pastels. The panels come in four sizes and they can be attached to freestanding structures, walls and ceilings. The chromed terminals protect the edges of the panels and lend a gleam to each unit.

Along with Perline, Bow was also featured prominently by Snowsound during NeoCon 2021. Designed by King & Miranda, Bow is a highly popular system of modular sound-absorbing elements inspired by the shapes of the hulls of ships.

The Bow product family consists of two elements, each of which has a sculptural, raised profile that creates an air gap between the panel and the wall. This gap, and the patented Snowsound acoustic technology of the panel, increase the acoustic performance significantly; it serves as a sound trap. Bow’s two shapes—Hourglass and Shield—are modular, complementary, and can be combined into infinitely intriguing compositions.

Bow is an ADEX Platinum 2021 winner. In 2020, Bow took home a Product Innovations Awards presented by Buildings and was also named a winner in Design Journal Best of 2020 Products.

Dunes rounded out Snowsound’s trio of innovative NeoCon showstoppers. Already an ADEX (Award for Design Excellence) Platinum Award winner, Dunes also won Best of NeoCon Silver and Innovation Awards in the Acoustic Solutions category.

Dunes was designed by Felicia Arvid with a custom hourglass shape that forms a seamless, three-dimensional wall with gracefully wandering lines that evoke the movement of sand dunes, which also inspired this product’s name. The textural quality of the material suggests the millions of grains of sand that comprise a dune.

In terms of performance, Dunes is a wall-applied acoustic solution consisting of two layers of Snowsound's Fiber Boucle textile. One layer serves as a flat base backing and the other as a three-dimensional sound-absorbing pocket created with repeating pleats held by steel clips. The superior acoustic performance of Dunes results from the topographies between the backing fabric and the air pockets in the hollow reliefs of the upper layer of Snowsound Fiber.

Acoustics are an important consideration in every vertical market. Before moving forward on your next design project, see how Snowsound’s award-winning sound absorbing architectural products can deliver superior acoustical comfort, patented technology and unique design elements for your design clients.

Locate your local Snowsound rep, plan a visit to the Chicago (The Mart) or Los Angeles showroom or explore the Snowsound virtual showroom to learn more about these transformative products.

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