Spotlight on Bow: One Product that Offers Many Solutions

The ability to produce acoustically comfortable spaces can make or break a design firm’s reputation. Many turn to Snowsound’s range of solutions to achieve best results for their clients. Inspired by nature, Snowsound panels are intelligently designed and engineered to help A&D teams deliver the most comfortable acoustic experience in every project, every time.

Snowsound’s innovative patented technology mimics the properties of freshly fallen snow to absorb sound impurities to achieve acoustic clarity in today's modern spaces. In fact, Snowsound's patented technology gives Snowsound panel designs the highest sound absorption effectiveness with an NRC rating of 1.0.

Savvy architects and designers depend on Snowsound for superior technical performance—but that’s not the only reason. They’re also energized by Snowsound’s amazing sense of style. From hospitality projects to the evolving hybrid office, Snowsound’s products offer world class aesthetics along with guaranteed acoustical comfort.

In every vertical market, the award-winning Bow product family actually encourage the design team to stretch the limits of their creativity as they arrive at bespoke acoustical concepts that visually wow the client while also furthering their business objectives for the space.

Designed by King & Miranda, who drew inspiration from the shapes of ship hulls while watching construction in the shipyard, Bow is a highly popular system of modular sound-absorbing elements. According to the designers, seeing the many keels and bows that would soon cut the water made them think about how to model the surface to better intercept sound waves.

Bow consists of two elements each of which boasts a sculptural, raised profile that creates an air gap between the panel and the wall. This gap, and the patented Snowsound acoustic technology of the panel, increases the acoustic performance significantly by serving as a sound trap.

Bow’s two shapes—Hourglass and Shield—are modular, complementary and can be combined into countless intriguing compositions. The templates, one “hourglass” and one “shield,” can be nested together like precisely machined puzzle pieces to generate mixed compositions or textures. Panels are made entirely of polyester, are 100% recyclable and GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet environmental health standards for green buildings.

Bow is an ADEX (Award for Design Excellence) Platinum 2021 winner, a grand prize winner of the 2020 Product Innovations Awards presented by Buildings and recognized by Design Journal Best of 2020 Products. With Bow, the design team can give maximum voice to their creativity with a sustainable acoustic solution that looks as exquisite as it sounds.

Contact Snowsound for a free acoustic analysis. We can calculate how reverberant a room or space is and the optimum number of Snowsound Technology Panels, Snowsound Fiber Products or Snowsound Fiber Acoustic Textiles need to create spaces that sound as great as they look. Get more information here.

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