The Art of Snowsound: A Two-For-One Solution

Whether inspiring the initial concept or providing a unique finishing touch, art becomes the focal point in many commercial and residential projects. Snowsound acoustic performance products can also make an artful contribution because they are created by designers for designers. Snowsound is intended to be a visible and distinctive part of the project while discreetly integrating powerful sound control technology into the space.

Just like art, acoustical comfort (or discomfort) affects how people relate to a space and therefore also impacts business outcomes. Snowsound can resolve all acoustic problems—from the simplest to the most complex—with a complete range of products. Snowsound’s enormous variety of colors, shapes and application options are all designed to reduce unwanted reverberation for the highest level of acoustic comfort.

For example, Flap is more than just a sound absorbing panel. It’s also a visually impactful design module that allows the design team to create a wide array of compositions that are always compelling. Flap’s patented modular system was created around the notion of the panel as a furnishing accessory that fits perfectly in any room requiring an acoustic adjustment.

Similarly, Si Sboccia is an aesthetically pleasing and sound absorbing art object designed by Moreno Ferrari. Inspired by a simple rosebud, Ferrari came up with the idea for a product that is both useful and exciting, capable of decorating and defining environments while, at the same time, also making them acoustically comfortable. Created with Snowound Fiber, Si Sboccia is available for wall mounting or celling suspension.

The Snowsound Art project has further elevated this connection between form and function by reproducing the work of several highly regarded fine artists. Snowsound launched the project with a line of sound-absorbing panels that also serve as canvases for a series of designs by Italian painter, art critic, philosopher and historian Gillo Dorfles (1910-2018).

As design teams address acoustics, they can also incorporate the works of Gio Ponti (1891-1979), a quintessential master of Italian design and architecture, essayist and the founder of multiple magazines including Domus. Ponti has designed hundreds of objects and his architecture is found across the globe from the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan to the Denver Art Museum.

Designer and artist Sezgin Aksu is also involved in the Snowsound Art initiative. He has created three works of art which are replicated on Snowsound panels. And, in 2020 the dialogue between design and art widened when Alessandro Mendini joined the line-up.

The Snowsound Art project takes us on a journey of discovery by looking for new ways to bring art and acoustical solutions together. By reproducing art on serial objects that we interact with every day, we discover that art can also be enjoyed outside the gallery.

Every Snowsound product is a masterpiece of technology. Discover our solutions for your commercial and residential design projects in a variety of vertical markets here.

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