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Design by King & Miranda

Bow was “born, like a thunderbolt, in a small shipyard among the hulls of boats under construction. All those keels and bows that would soon cut the water made us think about how to model the surface to better intercept sound waves.”— King & Miranda

What King & Miranda created for Snowsound is a system of modular sound-absorbing elements, inspired by the shapes of the hulls of ships. The bow, or forwardmost part of a ship’s hull, is usually most forward when the boat is sailing. The Bow product family consists of two elements, each of which boasts a sculptural, raised profile that creates an air gap between the panel and the wall. This gap, and the patented Snowsound acoustic technology of the panel, increases the acoustic performance significantly; it serves as a sound trap. Bow’s two shapes—Hourglass and Shield—are modular, complementary, and can be nested together like precisely machined puzzle pieces. Hourglass and Shield become forms that can be combined into infinitely intriguing compositions. Give your creativity a voice with an acoustic solution that looks as exquisite as it sounds.

Design by Felicia Arvid

The subtly undulating form of our latest wall-panel system vividly evokes the sensuous and feminine movement of sand dunes, which also inspire the name. By combining several layers of Snowsound Fiber, designer Felicia Arvid’s custom hourglass shape forms a seamless, three-dimensional wall with gracefully wandering lines. The textural quality of the material comprising those dunes, with its boucle finish, suggests the millions of grains of sand of a dune.

Dunes is a wall-applied acoustic solution consisting of two layers of Snowsound Fiber Boucle textiles: one of which serves as a flat base backing and the other as a three-dimensional sound-absorbing pocket created with repeating pleats held by steel clips. Think of Dunes as a three-dimensional tapestry, with amazing acoustic performance that comes from the topographies between the backing fabric and the air pockets in the hollow reliefs of the upper layer of Snowsound Fiber. Dunes blends poetry and function to offer a seductive aesthetic with the unsurpassed acoustic performance Snowsound is known for.

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