ADI Compasso d’Oro Award Winner

Snowsound is honored to announce the winner of the ADI Compasso d’Oro award for Dunes, design by Felicia Arvid. The award is the most prestigious and authoritative recognition of product excellence in Italian design.

Dunes’ designer, Felicia Arvid, is one of the youngest to win an award of such importance.

Dunes is a three-dimensional tapestry, with amazing acoustic performance that comes from the topographies between the backing fabric and the air pockets in the hollow reliefs of the upper layer of Snowsound Fiber.

The subtly undulating form of Dunes vividly evokes the sensuous and feminine movement of sand dunes. By combining several layers of Snowsound Fiber, designer Felicia Arvid’s custom hourglass shape forms a seamless, three-dimensional wall with gracefully wandering lines. The textural quality of the material comprising those dunes, with its boucle finish, suggests the millions of grains of sand of a dune.

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