Interior Design 2022 HiP Honoree

Snowsound is proud to announce that Perline has been awarded the 2022 HiP Honoree Award. Interior Design’s HiP award recognizes innovative products and highlights achievement in product design. Check us out in the honoree’s online gallery.

Perline’s sound-absorbing system is composed of panels in shapes and colors reminiscent of precious gems. Designed by Dominoni Quaquaro, each Perline unit is inspired by the idea of a thread of differently shaped and colored precious gems strung together to form a necklace or pendant earrings.

Perline provides a fresh way to incorporate award-winning sound quality plus incredible style into any space. Perline is a scalable modular system based on units that add formality and softness to interiors while significantly enhancing both acoustical comfort and aesthetics.

Available in a new, softer color palette with teal, gray, pink and white that all reflect the recent market demand for pastels. The panels come in four sizes, two shapes and can be attached to freestanding structures, walls and ceilings. The chromed terminals protect the edges of the panels and lend a gleam to each unit.

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