NeoCon 2021

Show Highlights!

Snowsound opens the doors to a new permanent showroom at theMART

Located on the 11th floor of theMART, the new showroom showcased the Best of NeoCon award winning Dunes along with Bow, Snowsound’s newest panel collection. Architects and designers were able to experience Snowsound products up close and even got a sneak peak of Snowsound’s newest introduction, Perline. The showroom featured an experience room fully equipped to demonstrate the acoustical impact that Snowsound products can make.

Dunes, a wall-applied acoustic solution known for its unique design that evokes the sensuous and feminine movement of sand dunes, received the prestigious Best of NeoCon Silver Award and Innovation award in the Acoustic Solutions category. Dunes also received the 2021 Honoree HiP Award.

Perline, Snowsound’s newest introduction, made its debut for the very first time in North America at NeoCon 2021 in a unique eye-catching design and a softer color palette. A modular sound-absorbing system, composed of panels in shapes and colors reminiscent of precious gems; made with Snowsound technology. Perline is a scalable modular solution for the enhancement of both the acoustic and the aesthetic quality of a space. Stay tuned for more to come on Perline!

Awards Received

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