NeoCon 2022

Show Highlights!
HiP 2022_Honoree Seal

After much anticipation, NeoCon 2022 proved to be yet another successful show!
Check out some of the show highlights!

Snowsound featured a showroom refresh where architects and designers got up close and personal with Snowsound’s newest product launches. The showroom spotlight was on Snowcustom, Snowsound’s first, fully customizable acoustic solution made of variable-density polyester fiber covered in Snowsound-Fiber 3 Melange fabric. A wide range of sizes and finishes means these panels can cater to different aesthetic and architectural needs. Snowcustom is available in both wall and ceiling versions.

The showroom also featured a second experience room fully equipped with Snowsound-Fiber and Snowsound Technology Panels. Attendees, were able to experience the functionality, technology and sleek aesthetic of Snowsound acoustic solutions. Experiencing the product in an actual installation was a powerful testimonial to the technology behind the products.

Perline, a modular system inspired by precious gems and designed by Marc Sadler, was awarded the 2022 HiP Honoree Award. Interior Design’s HiP award recognizes innovative products and highlights achievement in product design.

If you couldn’t make the show and would like to learn more about Snowsound’s newest product launches presented at NeoCon 2022, click below.

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