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We are honored to have earned several prestigious awards at NeoCon!

FLAT received Best of NeoCon Gold Award in the Acoustic Panels & Solutions Category and Buildings Magazine Product Innovations Merit Prize Award in the Acoustics Category
BOTANICA received Buildings Magazine Product Innovations Grand Prize Award in the Acoustics Category
BOTANICA and FLAT both received Interior Design Magazine HiP Honoree Awards in the Workplace Acoustical Application Category.

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Design by Alberto & Francesco Meda

With its clear architectural footprint FLAT is characterized by a clean and minimalist design.   The front surface is perfectly plane with a visually weightless appearance.  Two different irregular shapes that can come together to create endless arrangements, ranging from the pure geometric to bold, unexpected compositions.  This new panel design with Snowsound technology helps achieve optimal sound absorption using the properties of three frequencies and soundproofing against unwanted reverberations to significantly enhance acoustic experiences.  With its hinged supporting arm, FLAT can be tilted and rotated as if it were a weightless sheet of paper to achieve infinite sophisticated and elegant design solutions.


Design by Mario Trimarchi

Inspired by nature, BOTANICA is composed of a leaf shaped panel held by metal structures that mimic long, slender branches and an abundance of soft fabric covered leaves that achieve superior sound absorbing performance with Snowsound technology.  BOTANICA is available in three options:  wall, ceiling-mounted, and free-standing.  BOTANICA can be fixed with different inclinations and proposed in combination of different bearing structures.

“BOTANICA rests and climbs like a plant that protects and isolates the environment.  The wind blows but you can’t hear it, the light is there but you can’t see it.  The result is a muffled and relaxed atmosphere, the silence on several levels that you hear in the woods, where the sounds are dispersed in the infinite collection of nature.”  – Mario Trimarchi

LUX (Giotto and Oversize)

GIOTTO LUX design by Sezgin Aksu

GIOTTO LUX is a sound absorbing round panel with Snowsound technology, which encompasses a painted steel lighting element with LED technology covered by a satin-finished polyethylene diffuser that allows homogeneous emission of light. Adjustable hanging cables allow height regulation. The result is a large “light fixture,” a single decorative element that meets two sensory needs at the same time offering light and providing acoustic comfort to the space.

OVERSIZE LUX design by Marc Sadler

OVERSIZE LUX is a project that brings together the concept of technical lighting with Snowsound sound absorbing technology. The results of this combination are large architectural elements that incorporate LED lights in sound-absorbing panels. The ceiling suspension cables are adjustable.


Design by Annalisa Dominoni & Benedetto Quaquaro

The CLASP DIVIDER features the acoustic sound absorbing fabric Snowsound Fiber 3 Melange that is placed on a modular structure made of chromed-metal suspended on cables with a height-adjustment system. Thanks to the metal joints the structure is freely configurable and allows to infinite compositions. The fabric slipcover is removable.

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