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Unwanted sound is formed by waves that are reflected from solid surfaces that have limited absorption, such as stone or wood floors, glass, walls and ceilings. Ideally, sound travels in one direction from the speaker to the listener. Today in many offices, schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings and indoor public areas (e.g. libraries, concert halls and museums), sound reflects off hard surfaces creating echoes. These echoes diminish voice intelligibility, making words hard to understand. We have all experienced acoustic “reverberation”, or echo, in large open spaces. Working or being in a noise polluted environment is stressful and reduces productivity and enjoyment. Visit our FAQ section for more helpful information.

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Better acoustics requires reducing these secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. Traditional products on the market today are far less effective in absorbing problem frequencies below 500 Hz, somewhat effective in the mid-range of 500 to 2,000 Hz, and more effective above 2,000 Hz where the least attenuation is needed. Snowsound acoustic panels are an ideal solution to reduce echoes in conference rooms, call centers, restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, classrooms, retail stores and movie theaters. These commercial grade panels are designed for many years of use.

Snowsound technology derives its name and inspiration from the properties of fallen snow. The pores in snow cover are responsible for quieter outdoor conditions. When acoustic waves travel above the snow, the increased pressure of the wave momentarily pushes some air into the pores. Some of the sound energy is absorbed due to friction and thermal effects. Over a short distance, this mechanism can significantly reduce the sound energy in acoustic waves.


While low-end acoustic panel solutions exist today, none can match the commercial grade, high-end sound absorbing performance, aesthetics, design and ease of use that Snowsound acoustic panels provide. These sound absorbing panels attenuate high, mid-range and low frequencies and are carefully designed to improve surrounding acoustics.

Using both the ISO C354 testing standard (comparable to ASTM C423 - test Method for Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method) and ISO 10354-2 (comparable to ASTM C384 – test method for Impedance and Absorption of Acoustical Materials by Impedance Tube Method) – Snowsound received CLASS A sound absorption ratings. The results for all Snowsound panels in the collection using the Snowsound patented sound absorbing technology show an excellent NRC 1.0, with 19%, 34% and 55% absorption at 200 Hz, 315 Hz and 500 Hz low frequencies respectively – deep sounds that are normally more difficult to dampen. Impressive mid-range, human speech absorption measured 75%, 94% and 89% at 800 Hz, 1,250 Hz and 2,000 Hz. Significant high frequency absorption was 81%, 73% and 70% at 2,500 Hz, 3,150 Hz and 4,000 Hz; these frequencies are already mostly absorbed by carpet, furnishings and people.

Surfaces of Snowsound technology acoustic panels are covered with durable, high-quality, permanently fire retardant Trevira CS® polyester, unlike fabrics with a surface coating. Snowsound patented technology is based on the construction of acoustic panels composed of polyester material with three different densities; each density is tailored to absorb a specific frequency range – low, mid-range or high. This selective frequency absorption optimizes the acoustic environment. These panels are thin, decorative and fire safe, each weighing less than 6 lbs. Snowsound acoustic panels are designed in a multitude of form factors. CORISTA panels (63 in. x 17 in.) are free standing, with a steel stand. MITESCO panels (63 in. x 17 in. in its largest form) can be free standing as divider screens, wall hanging, or wall or ceiling mounted, while quadrilateral shaped FLAP panels (32 in. x 26 in. in its largest form) are smaller wall or ceiling mounted panels that tilt and rotate 360 degrees for optimized sound attenuation.

Aesthetic and Design Qualities

Conceived by world renowned architects and designers Michele De Lucci, Alberto Meda, Marc Sadler, Lorenzo Palmeri, and most recently Alessandro Mendini, Snowsound acoustic panels were designed with a commitment to creating a product that is as stylish as it is functional. Architects and designers will appreciate the aesthetics, design and color choices with an acoustic solution they no longer need to hide. Project owners can easily position or mount one or a combination of these panels to suit their room acoustics. With the ability to tilt and rotate, multiple FLAP panels can be arranged to form artistic patterns. The cover is firmly bonded to the polyester inner wadding to form a seamless panel, which is soft to the touch but difficult to tear or perforate. Snowsound acoustic panels are aesthetically pleasing with a smooth contour and tapered edges. Available in several colors, free standing panels are unobtrusive and have a small footprint, while hanging and wall-mounted versions blend in with the room décor.

Snowsound acoustic panels are comparatively thin, measuring only 1.4 inches thick. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material in the molding of the panels render them extremely light, weighing only 2.2 to 5.9 lbs. each.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Use

Snowsound acoustic panels are designed to be eco-friendly and GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet sustainability and environmental health standards for green buildings. The panels are also made entirely of one material, which renders the panels 100% recyclable without the need to separate the outer fabric from the sound-absorbing inner material. Panel supports are constructed from single materials as well, that can be disassembled and 100% recycled. Manufacturing uses high quality materials and processing, resulting in longer product life and reduced consumption of materials and energy.

No assembly is required. Just remove the panel from the packaging and attach to a stand, wall mount or hang from the ceiling with available hardware. If room acoustics change, the light weight panels are easy to reposition.

CORISTA is offered in black, while MITESCO, FLAP, FLAP WINGS, IN, BAFFLE and PLI are available in a variety of colors.

ANSI Standard S12.60 on Classroom Acoustics

Every day, students are unable to understand 25 to 30 percent of what’s said in their classroom. Excessive background and reverberated noise within a classroom interferes with a student’s ability to clearly hear their instructor.

ANSI Standard S12.60 for Classroom Acoustics addresses the issues of both reverberation time and background noise and their effect on speech intelligibility by placing maximum permissible levels on each.

With Snowsound's proprietary acoustic simulation software, our in-house technical team works with teaching environments to analyze the acoustics of a given space and recommend the appropriate quantity of panels to ensure the room’s compliance with the ANSI Standard S12.60 for Classroom Acoustics.

The standard’s acoustical performance criteria and design requirements apply during the design and construction of all new classrooms or learning spaces of small-to-moderate size, and, as far as is practical, to the design and reconstruction of renovated spaces.