Welcome to Snowsound’s SoundSolutions, a ready-to-order suite of acoustic fixes for rooms of various sizes and uses.

How does it work?

It’s easy, 5 steps.

Most acoustic complaints stem from excess noise, or reverberation. That’s what creates discomfort. Snowsound obliterates echo and reverberation. In fact, no product beats our sound-absorbing textiles and panels.
In our SoundSolutions, we’ve pre-calculated what’s needed to solve acoustic issues in typical offices and collaboration rooms. And we’ve created kits with everything you need; all you need to do is:

  • Identify the size of your room.
  • Find the package that best matches your room’s size.
  • Choose the product that fits your aesthetics or budget.
  • Pick your colors.
  • Send in the order form.
All products may be cleaned and sanitized per CDC guidelines for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus. All packages come with the brackets needed for mounting the panels. Voila!

Offices (Private, Huddle, Phone Rooms): 80, 100, 120 SQ. FT.

Collaboration Spaces (Meeting, Conference, Training Rooms): 150, 300, 400 SQ FT.

Open Plan Configurations

Contact your local Snowsound Sales Rep here: https://www.snowsoundusa.com/contact/locator/

Or call 562.632.5118 or email acoustics@snowsoundusa.com for immediate customer support.