How are Snowsound® Panels different from other acoustic panels currently on the market?

Several characteristics differentiate Snowsound® from other acoustic solutions on the market:

  • Snowsound® products are manufactured using a patented sound absorbing material with variable densities, which allows the panels to be the market leader in sound absorption effectiveness with NRC ratings of 1.0 for all panel designs.
  • The patented and award winning Snowsound® technology behind our product enables the panels to achieve acoustic correction and balance: the inner core of our panels is made of variable density polyester, which allows the panels to selectively absorb the optimal amount of sound from all frequency categories in the spectrum, resulting in the most advanced acoustic correction to eliminate echo and reverberation.
  • Snowsound® acoustic panels can be free standing, desktop standing, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, and ceiling mounted. Their ease of installation, convenience and flexibility of application make Snowsound® panels the primary choice for immediate and retrofit acoustic solution needs.
  • Panels are made entirely of polyester, 100% recyclable, and GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet sustainability and environmental health standards for green buildings.
  • Complex manufacturing yields a complete single unit, double-sided panel, without any fabrication or assembly required. The absence of an airspace or cavity between the outer fabric and sound-absorbing core significantly decreases the accumulation of dust and the panels are easy to clean with mild cleanser. The frameless design also gives Snowsound® panels a completely sound absorbing surface; no other material is present to hinder the sound-absorbency or reflect part of the sound.
  • Snowsound® Acoustic Panels are designed by some of Europe’s most renowned architects and designers, giving project owners the ability to solve acoustic problems while enhancing the aesthetics of their space. Available in 12 colors and a multitude of application hardware, Snowsound® panels improve both the acoustics and aesthetics of any environment.
  • Some manufacturers of other acoustic panels boast that their panels are most absorptive at higher frequencies. However, it is not something to boast about. By nature, the higher frequencies are easiest to absorb, and are absorbed by objects and people in the room. If a concert hall is being fitted with acoustic panels, it would be a mistake to use ordinary panels that are most absorptive at the highest frequencies – this would drown out the sound of the high-pitched instruments like the violin and create an imbalanced acoustic performance. While it is typical for current acoustic panels to absorb more of the high frequencies, Snowsound® technology intentionally diffuses a bit of these high frequencies in order to maintain the acoustic balance of spaces to create the most optimal acoustic environment, making Snowsound® Acoustic Panels entirely unique.

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