How is it better than similar existing products?

Snowsound Fiber is the first sound absorbing textile collection to offer NRC ratings up to 1.0 across multiple textures and fabric thicknesses. It is also the only sound absorbing textile line with a patented technology. Precise ratios of air gaps in the textiles were scientifically calculated to achieve Class A NRC sound absorption beyond that of even many existing padded acoustic panels with infills. Other polyester textile structures cannot perform at the same sound absorption level and maintain a broad array of design focused texture offerings and tactile perceptions. Despite their thin and flexible construction, the Snowsound Fiber achieves significantly better sound absorption than other heavier, thicker materials. Textile weight varies from 0.6 oz. to 15.07 oz. per square yard.

These Class A fire resistant fabrics are 100% recyclable, Greenguard Gold Certified and can be washed without losing sound absorbing properties or color.
Their light-weight characteristics also make installation much easier than other textiles, while the thin weave also prevents dust collection compared to thicker drapery fabrics. When it comes to fabrication, Snowsound Textiles do not require any backing and are naturally double-sided, which is a significant benefit for both the workroom and client as it improves the aesthetics and lowers the labor cost.

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