What are the quality standards and expected durability?

Snowsound Fiber textiles are manufactured with superior materials and quality control with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The improved quality compared to typical polyester textiles is due to the precise control taken in producing the finished textile from the raw yarn. Snowsound owns and controls all production processes with precise attention to protecting the sound absorbing characteristics of the material. The slightest variation in color, temperature, and other variables when creating a textile can affect the acoustic properties. As such, special care and control is taken in every step of the production process. Color variations between dye lots are insignificant.

Fiber 1, 3, 6, and 8 can be used as upholstery, passing Martindale Abrasion resistance tests up to 65,000 rubs. All are Colorfast to Light and Crocking (Grade 7 Light and 4/5 wet and dry). Their Propensity to Surface Fuzzing and Pilling (Grade 5) shows “no change.”

All fibers are 100% flame resistant, Greenguard Gold Certified and 100% recyclable. They are machine washable, can be ironed on low heat, and can be dry cleaned – without compromising color, flame resistance or sound absorbing properties. The entire textile collection has been tested and meets Class A / Pass status for all industry required flame resistance tests, including NFPA 701, NFPA 260, CAL TB 117, UL 723 and ASTM E84.

Fiber 2 and 2R are used primarily for Window Shades, Roller Shades, and Sheers. They have been tested for Solar / Light / UV Transmittance, Reflectance, Absorption, Glare Control, Night Privacy, Daylight Utilization, Secondary Heat Transfer, and Shading Coefficient.

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