What benefits do these textiles offer the designer?

The availability of a flexible textile collection that performs as an acoustic solution - beyond the traditional options of rigid acoustic panels – broadens the designer’s palette of choices for applying acoustic solutions to new and existing offices, schools, restaurants, call centers and public gathering environments. Textiles provide a softer and more flexible solution for healthcare and hospitality as well, compared to traditional fabric wrapped panels and the like.

Snowsound Fiber is unique in that it allows designers to continue using curtains and draperies in spaces as they always have, but now with a true dual purpose as not only design, but also sound absorption. This addresses the challenge of trying to integrate more products into the workspace that may not have existed before. Snowsound Fiber offers a natural fit.

Designers can use the same matching textiles for complementary upholstered furniture. Upholstered products allow for a uniform textile theme within the environment. Designers no longer must sacrifice form for function.

Snowsound Fiber can be easily applied in a space, removed, washed, and repurposed elsewhere without losing any of its sound absorbing or flame-resistant properties. Because of the various textures and colors, it can be seamlessly co-specified with commercial furniture and architectural finishes.

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