What is Snowsound Fiber’s sustainability story?

All six Snowsound Fiber textiles are made entirely of 100% recyclable, fire-resistant polyester fiber. There is no felt or other organic materials which would be difficult to recycle. Formaldehyde or other hazardous chemicals are not used.
In fact, Snowsound Fiber textiles are Greenguard Gold certified for commercial use, validating their low emissions specifications and their contribution to environmental quality. The textiles have been independently tested and certified to meet UL’s rigorous third-party Greenguard Gold certification standards, among the most stringent in the world. To help reduce indoor air pollution, architects, designers, specifiers and building owners can use Snowsound Fiber with comfort, knowing they’re preventing the release of possible pollutants.

Greenguard standards screen for over 10,000 chemicals. Greenguard Gold certified products offer stricter certification criteria for sensitive individuals, such as children and the elderly. They are ideal for use in schools and healthcare facilities.

Earning this certificate helps to acquire credits within the framework of the Indoor Environmental Quality section in the LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, buildings assessment system.

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