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Michele De lucchi

Michele De lucchi

Michele De Lucchi is famous as the designer of the world's best-selling lamp, Tolomeo, made by Artemide since 1987. Born in 1951, De Lucchi studied architecture in Florence, and upon graduation, founded the Cavart Group and co-founded the Memphis Movement - the Milan-based design group - in the 1980's. De Lucchi's portfolio of work ranges from furniture for established brands such as Vitra, Hermès and Kartel, to involvement in several large office buildings and museum projects across Europe and Japan. He has also designed products for a number of information technology companies such as Compaq Computers, Philips, and Siemens, drawing on his experience as the director of design for Olivetti for 10 years. It's with a boundless vision for introducing technical and aesthetical innovation into the working environment that De Lucchi partnered with Snowsound to design the "MITESCO" line. De Lucchi aimed to create a versatile sound absorbing system that can be integrated into commercial spaces while being unobtrusive. His expertise in transforming a space has earned him a place in the architecture and design hall of fame and numerous awards including the Best of NeoCon Silver Award and honorary doctorate from Kingston University.
Alberto Neda & Francesco Meda

Alberto Meda & Francesco Meda

Alberto Meda was born in Como, Italy in 1945 and received a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He began his design career as the technical manager of Kartel developing furniture and plastic laboratory equipment. After Kartel, he ventured into freelance industrial design for various brands including Alias, Alessi, Philips, Olivetti, Vitra and most recently Snowsound. Since 2008, the 4-time Compasso d'Oro award winning designer has been collaborating with his son, Francesco. With a degree in Industrial Design from Milan's Istituto Europeo of Design, Francesco Meda gained experience in London working at Sebastian Bergne's studio and later at Ross Lovegrove's. The father-son duo collaborated on "FLAP", which earned the 2014 Best of NeoCon Silver Award in the architectural products category.
Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler is a French citizen born in Austria; lived throughout the world in Europe, North America and Asia and currently resides in Milan. Known for his experimentation with plastics, Sadler patented the first thermo plastic ski-boot in the 1970's and became a pioneer of new materials and plastic techniques. This experience allowed him to bring innovation to home furnishings, household appliances, lighting, and sports product design. His work has achieved many design awards, including 4 Compasso d'Oro ADI (Industrial Design Association) honors for the lamps Drop (Flos, 1994), Tite and Mite (Foscarini, 2001), the bookshelf Big (Caimi Brevetti, 2008) and the gelato display case Bellevue with Panorama technology (IFI, 2014). His motorcyclist's back protector designed for Dainese is now housed in the permanent collection of design at the MOMA in New York and the lamp Mite is part of the design collection of the Beaubourg in Paris. Most recently, Sadler collaborated with Snowsound to develop the "PLI" and "BAFFLE" designs. While PLI has unlimited possibilities, BAFFLE can have infinite arrangement when ceiling suspended.
Lorenzo Damiani

Lorenzo Damiani

Lorenzo Damiani is most known for infusing an element of surprise into his products while also combining several functions into a single object. Born in 1972, he graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and subsequently obtained a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic School of Design. He has presented his projects in many exhibitions and has participated – winning awards – in various competitions such as the 18th, 19th, 21st Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass), Milan (Young Design Award – Golden Compass, 1998 - Mention, 2001 – Mention 2008); Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum, Chicago (2001-2007); Young&Design, Milan (First Prize, 2001 and 2004). His Flex and OnlyOne projects are in a permanent collection in the Design section of the Chicago Museum. Lorenzo Damiani collaborated on the dual function “Blade” design, which combines knife-blade like slim shelves with acoustic panels.


Born in Trieste in 1910, Dorfles was a painter, art critic, philosopher, historian, and contemporary of Pablo Picasso. He is distinguished as the oldest contemporary art critic having recently passed at 107 years old. In 1948, he founded the “Movimento Arte Concreta” (MAC) with Monnet, Soldati and Munari. Dorfles was the theoretical cornerstone of the movement. A professor of aesthetics in Milano, Cagliari and Trieste, he has also served as a visiting professor in dozens of universities throughout the world. Dorfles authored countless books on aesthetics and was considered one of the foremost art scholars in the world. This Snowsound Art collection designed by Gillo Dorfles includes several of his paintings exclusively canvassed onto our large acoustic panels for walls and ceilings. These panels reproduce works that Dorfles chose personally from among those he did on paper in various periods (from 1937 until the end of the 1990s), successfully experimenting with different techniques. Dorfles supervised each step of the transformation and creative “manipulation” process, and worked directly with technicians.
Lorenzo Palmeri

Lorenzo Palmeri

Lorenzo Palmeri received his architectural degree from Politecnico of Milan and worked on collaborative projects with Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe. Palmeri's designs include products from guitars, lamps, and tables, to houses. He has won numerous international prizes including ADI Design Index and Good Design Award. Clients include Arthemagroup, Korg, Noah Guitar, Andreoli, Invicta, Nissan, Biò Fireplace, Pandora Design, Corvasce, Caimi Brevetti and Stone Italiana. Lorenzo also studied music and later taught. He has provided many compositions for theatrical performances, films and specific events; even releasing two albums himself. Inspired by the importance of good quality sound, Palmeri leveraged Snowsound's technology and his music passion to create the "CORISTA" panel, applying mobility and performance to music recording and mixing studios.
Caimi Lab

Caimi Lab

Founded in Italy in 1949, Caimi Lab is one of the leading design, production, research and development firms in Europe. Located outside of Milan, Caimi's continuous experimentation with new materials and new industrial technologies has yielded some of the most innovative patents in furniture and furnishings for the office and contract commercial market. The latest research into acoustics and sound-absorbing panels has produced breakthroughs in the ability to improve acoustic comfort in spaces. All Snowsound products leverage the exclusive patented Snowsound technology, based on sound absorbing material with variable densities, which enables selective absorption at various frequencies for optimal room acoustics. The Lab's newest project, currently in the final stages of development, is Snowsound-Fiber: a patented textile fiber with acoustic sound absorbing properties.

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